BUS 320 Business Data Analysis and Interpretation

Subject to revision

  • Instructor: Elizabeth Stanny, PhD
  • Email: stanny@sonoma.edu
  • Office: Wine Center 1016
  • Office phone: 707-664-4287
  • Office hours:
    • Wednesdays 12:15 to 1:15 PM
    • by appointment on Zoom Mondays 4 to 6 PM
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 904 996 6788

Course description

This is an applied course that builds upon knowledge acquired from lower-division statistics coursework. It exposes students to the research and data analysis practices executed in the business world. A focus of this course is on generating reproducible analyses using the R programming language.


  • Pre-Business requirements
  • Proficiency in spreadsheet software

Course format

  • This is a hybrid course.
    • Mondays on Zoom
    • Wednesdays in Schulz 2010
    • Attendance is required on both days
  • Course site: stanny.moodle.school. If you are enrolled in the course, I will send you login information.
    • If you have any questions about the site, please ask me.

Schedule is here


There are 1000 possible points in the course. Your grade will be determined by your total points:

Grade Points
A 950
A- 900
B+ 870
B 830
B- 800
C+ 770
C 730
C- 700
D+ 670
D 600

Wednesday in-class participation 100 points (max)

10 points each attendance day that you

  • arrive on time
  • are mentally and physically present for the entire class
  • respond to question(s) on moodle during class
  • 10 points / class x 14 classes = 140 possible points. You can miss up to 4 classes and your grade will not be affected.

Monday Zoom participation 200 points

  • On each quiz due date will have a 5 minute time slot on Mondays with a partner
  • You will rotate roles sharing your screen and explaining the R code for that week’s quiz
  • Both you and your partner will receive the same grade
  • Grading (20 points per quiz)
    • 10 points for explanation
    • 10 points for knitted output
  • Possible 260 points (13 x 20)

Quizzes/cases 400 points

  • Questions will be short-answer, numerical and multiple-choice.
  • You can attempt each quiz twice and you will receive the highest grade scored.
  • Late quizzes will not be accepted. Please do not ask.
  • There will be multiple versions of quizzes. You can work with others on the quizzes, but you must enter and understand the answers yourself. When you submit your answers you are acknowledging that you can explain your answers.

Exam 200 points

Project 100 points

Course materials

  • R/RStudio

  • Slides and readings here


  • You must adhere to SSU’s Cheating and Plagiarism policy. Academic dishonesty (e.g., cheating, plagiarism, etc.) will not be tolerated and will result in a zero grade (i.e., no points) on the quiz or exam and, possibly, a failing grade in the course.
  • Please be advised that the on-line software allows me to track every click you make on the course site. I know whether, when and where you attempt quizzes, access notes, etc.
  • There are no opportunities for points not listed above. Please do not ask.
  • Disability Services for Students (DSS)
    • Academic Accommodation: If you are a student with a disability, and think you may need academic accommodations, please contact Disability Services for Students (DSS), located in Salazar Hall, Room 1049, Voice: (707) 664-2677, TTY/TDD: (707) 664-2958, as early as possible in order to avoid a delay in receiving accommodation services. Use of DSS services, including testing accommodations, requires prior authorization by DSS in compliance with university policies and procedures.
  • Students may not record (audio or video) in this class except in accordance with ADA accommodations. Any recordings made in connection with a disability accommodation are for the student’s personal academic use only and may not be distributed in any manner to any other individual.